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Vaillant promotes heating as a savings bank

Many investors in Germany are disappointed with meager interest rates. The heating engineer Vaillant is now looking for an alternative:

An investment in its own heating system. The return thanks to saved energy costs: four percent.

Dusseldorf banks for centuries are indeed simply as the best place for reserves and savings. The institutes are usually safe and they also work with the money, which is credited to the customer in the form of interest. Before thieves and burglars, the large and small fortunes are still well protected. Only with the interest has it hapert for quite some time. Thanks to the open money locks of the European Central Bank, money is cheaper than ever, more than one per cent for the short-term investment on scarves or term deposits is nowhere to be found.

Energy efficient

The heating builder Vaillant from the Bergland will now use the emergency situation of millions of high-ranking banking customers to boost their business. “Put your money in the cellar,” the family business calls on potential customers – and does not mean a secret deposit for banknotes, hidden somewhere in a dark corner behind junk and supplies. No, it is about the exchange of an old heating, of which there are still plenty in Germany: About 75 percent of all systems are older than 20 years and chase ample unused energy through the chimney.

Profitable Investment

Vaillant CEO Carsten Voigtländer makes a simple calculation: With modern heating, house owners can reduce their energy costs by 15 percent or more. With average heating costs of a family home of about 1,900 euros can be saved thus scarcely 300 euros per year.With an investment of around 8,000 euros for an energy-saving gas condensing boiler, the annual yield is around 4%, which is about four times as much as a sparrow would yield. If the energy costs rise, the return on the homeowner for boiler installation increases. “Particularly in times of historically low interest rates, investing in an efficient heating system is a profitable investment,” says Voigländer.

Customers money-making investment

Now the boss of a heating engineer is not hired to sell customers money-making investments. But the address on the money bag is also worthwhile for Vaillant ecotec plus. After all, business in Germany and Europe is anything but splendid and a fresh thrust of new orders – for whatever motives – can not hurt. Especially since there is also the top line: a good conscience. The lower the energy consumption, the lower the CO2 load.”40 percent of primary energy in Europe is consumed in buildings,” says Voigtländer. New heating systems could significantly reduce the share.

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