vaillant gas heat pump

The world’s first zeolite gas heat pump

For a long time Vaillant had been working on the development of a gas-fueled heater on the basis of zeolite water. At the ISH 2009, the device was presented for the first time.

Recently, the launch of the world’s first zeolite gas heat pump was announced.

Solar thermal energy

The new technology consistently combines the advantages of gas condensing technology with solar thermal energy and a heat pump based on sorption technology in a coordinated system. Compared to current gas condensing boilers, efficiency has increased by about 20 percent, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions by 20 percent. Since November 2009, 100 zeoTHERM devices are already working in the field test. “Even under the special conditions of the long and hard winter of 2009/2010, all installed zeolite gas heat pumps have proved themselves in every respect,” says Andreas Christmann, Head of Product Marketing at Vaillant Deutschland, a summary of the field test experiences.


The zeolite gas heat pump generates heat from natural gas and environmental heat. To further increase efficiency, the device is equipped with a zeolite module. Zeolite is a porous ceramic material consisting of aluminum oxide and silicon oxide. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and ecologically harmless.When water is absorbed, the zeolite develops heat which is used during the heating process.The refrigerant used in the heat pump process is water which has neither greenhouse potential nor can damage the ozone layer.

Heating technology

“The zeolite gas heat pump is a consistent development of the gas condensing technology in combination with a known and a new heat source”, Christmann continued. “Only system providers in heating technology have the opportunity to set these milestones in the forefront because they require a comprehensive know-how from many technical disciplines. The special highlight for our specialist dealers is the fact that they are able to use the zeolite- Heat pump as a conventional gas condensing boiler with solar drinking water support. ”

The unit consists of a closed unit

Which contains both the gas-fired condensing cell as well as the zeolite module and the entire hydraulic system. The zeolite module itself is completely maintenance-free due to the construction as a vacuum module without moving parts during its entire service life. The system also includes three solar flat collectors, which not only provide the necessary environmental heat for the sorption process, but also provide solar water heating. Here, too, only a connection with the heating device, which is already part of the everyday business for the specialist trade, is now taking place.

The zeolite-gas heat pump

Is particularly suitable for the requirements in single-family houses.In the first series, heating capacities of around 10 kW are achieved in modulating operation. A solid system combination of zeoTherm zeo-gas heat pump zeoTHERM, three solar collectors auroTHERM and a 300-liter solar hot water storage tank auroSTOR, including the complete hydropulical accessories, are then offered. The zeolite gas heat pump is approved according to the provisional gas heat pump guideline VP120.

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