Stick Up Cam Wired HD Security Camera with Two-Way Talk Review

Stick Up Cam Wired by Ring is the second generation of Stick Up Cam. Instead of focusing on the outside area of your home, this one is also perfect for indoor security. Protect your home inside and out with the Stick Up Cam wired.

The security camera can be helpful in many different ways. Security cameras prove that they are beneficial because it caught happenings that your naked eye cannot see because you are not aware of it. Most of the time they only see the happenings but do not hear any single sound on the scene.

Stick Up Cam Wired HD Security Camera Technical Information

Protect your home inside and out with this Stick Up Wired Security Camera from Ring. Very important information that you need to know when purchasing an item such as this is their specification. It is for you to know what to expect on the device.

Video: The 1080p HD video with a 150-degrees horizontal view allows you to see what is happening on a specific area with that kind of field view clearly. See what is happening 24/7 day and night, and even live.

Audio: It is not your typical security camera that only captures video voiceless, because this one features two-way talk with noise cancellation. The two-way talk allows you to talk on the other end of the camera.

Power: To power this security camera, you have options. For indoor installation, you can use the plug-in USB adaptor included in the package, and for outdoor use the power over Ethernet adaptor or plug it in an electrical socket if the stick-up cam is more than 2 meters from the socket.

Siren: It features siren, which you can remotely activate.

This device is the second generation of Ring Stick Up Cam Wired from Ring. The first one is for outdoor use only, but this one is good for both indoor and outdoor.

Benefits of Ring Stick Up Cam Wired HD Security Camera

This security camera is not only for outdoor but also good as an indoor security camera. You can use this indoor camera to watch over your kids especially during nighttime.

Since you are using wires to make it function, you do not have to buy batteries. If you sum up all the money you spent on buying batteries, you will realize that the wired one is more efficient.

If you have any Alexa devices, you can combine it with the Stick Up Cam and use your voice to control the security camerathrough Alexa. With this feature, you can see who is in there with thereal-time video wherever you are inside your home.

Another good feature of this home security camera is that you can customize your motion zones. You can customize up to 3motions, and once it detects motion, it will automatically notify in the app.

When it comes to installing the camera, you do not need to hire someone and pay for the installation fee. All the items that you need for installation is in the package, you can install it by yourself.

Having this type of camera at home whether inside or outside can help you to secure your home. Investing in this device will not only secure your belongings but also help you to watch over your kids. You can save time and convert that time in making more profit.

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