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Save money while heating

If you respect simple rules, you will reduce your costs.

Especially when it is ice cold outside, many Riesers make a mistake in heating. The Money Saving Assistant tells you how to save money with correct behaviour.

A Cold Room

For example, it is a mistake not to heat rarely used rooms in winter at all. “12 degrees Celsius should be the lower limit,” recommends Money Saving Assistant. To heat a cold room from time to time would consume more energy than keeping it constantly at an average temperature.Not every room needs to be equally heated. “In kitchen and bathroom it should be about 22 degrees. If there are small children in the household, a little bit warmer, “says the expert. In sleepy dreams most people like it anyway cooler according to Leberle experiences. From what temperature one feels comfortable, depends also on how tight windows and doors are.Therefore, in old buildings it is often heated to 25 or 26 degrees to create a real feeling of warmth. If you can dispense with a degree here – for example by removing leaks – the energy costs noticeably.

Whoever is diligent saves all the more:

“If you go out of the house or go to bed, the thermostats should be turned down,” says the energy consultant. Because only the people at least really do this, digital radiator controllers can help. They can be programmed in such a way that during the day when no one is at home, only a little is heated.And even at night, when all sleep, is saved. When coming home or getting up, the living rooms are then warm again. Fully automatic. This pays off in the long run.

Heating Circuit

If the impression that a radiator suddenly needs longer to warm up than before, it may need to be vented. If the temperature is suddenly lower than before, this is also a sign of too much air in the heating circuit – just like a loud clucking of the radiators.

Tiled Stove

Anyone who has a tiled stove at home often heats up only one room very much and then opens the doors to distribute the heat to the unheated rooms.However, this is not really energy-saving and effective, says Josef Leberle.

45 Degrees

Also for all people who heat their hot water over the heating, the Money Saving Assistant has a tip: the boiler temperature of the water is often to 60 or even 70 degrees Celsius. 45 degrees would be sufficient for the daily use.


At minus degrees it is not pleasant to ventilate extensively. Nevertheless, this is compulsory in winter. Especially in the morning this is important in sleepiness, the expert says. Three minutes with the windows fully open, there was a lot of room for tipping a window, but it was wrong.

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