Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

The Mark Ryden anti-theft laptop backpack is a backpack that is difficult to steal from without the owner noticing.

Anti-theft backpacks normally have their zippers concealed under an extra layer of fabric. Canvas over layers can also protect all the backpack’s openings. This way, your backpack will be well secured from pickpockets and unwanted exposure.

One of the most important features of the anti-theft backpack is a built-in USB charging port that enables you to charge your mobile device on the go.

About Vulcan Bags

Two college roommates – Wayne Howell and Gregory Frisoli – who had a passion for business and innovation started Vulcan bags. Their fascination with quality backpacks and luggage saw them create practical and stylish backpacks. They then collaborated with the best manufacturers to deliver premium trendy backpacks and bags, for both genders and different ages. Vulcan Bags has an active community of over 1 million and counting. Vulcan Bags were created on the belief that you should stay charged on the go – no matter where your lifestyle takes you.

Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

Since 2001, the Mark Ryden collection has been a major player in the backpack industry for over 15 years. The quality design of the backpack has seen it increase in popularity across the world.

Main Features

1. The Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Backpack comes with a classic and stylish design – a trademark of most bags and backpacks made from Oxford fabric. With a USB charging port, the Mark Ryden anti-theft laptop backpack can change the way you travel with your belongings! The external built-in USB offers convenient charging for your mobile devices without opening up the backpack.

2. The anti-theft design with hidden zippers and layers of cut-resistant 600D polyester protects your valuables from theft. It’s even difficult for pickpockets to slice through the backpack with a penknife. Besides, the backpack is water resistant thus you no longer have to worry about splashes. The 6mm anti-shock foam makes it comfortable, shockproof, scratch resistant, and tear resistant protecting your valuables from external damage.

3. The backpack has over ten compartments that offer separate storage for your laptop, tablet, passport, notebooks, watches, power bank, books and more. The Mark Ryden anti-theft laptop backpack will help protect your belongings when you’re away at school, business, traveling or while enjoying outdoor activities.

4. The soft air permeability padded back cushion shoulder straps makes the backpack light and comfortable. The Ergonomic design helps to reduce stress on both your back and shoulders.

5. The backpack opens 180° making it easy to access and for quick airport security checks. Besides, the backpack comes with easy matching colors of either black or grey with a safety silver reflective strip for safe night moves.

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