Mailjet 10% Revenue Share Crypto Cashback

Mailjet 10% Revenue Share Crypto Cashback

In 2010, two passionate entrepreneurs, Julien and Wilfred set out to develop a solution that would solve common issues with email infrastructure.

This partnership led to the creation of Mailjet. Similar to many founders who have left a mark in their industry, Julien and Wilfred created a disruptive system that does not only send emails but also ensures their delivery and tracking.

About Mailjet

Mailjet is a powerful all-in-one email service provider. Its infrastructure enables online platforms and services to send, deliver, and track different types of transactional and marketing emails to better optimize contacts after every send. Its cloud-based infrastructure is unique and expandable with a proprietary technology that optimizes email deliverability. You can access Mailjet either via an easy-to-use online drag-and-drop interface or via APIs that allow developers to integrate its features within their online app, service or its practical SMTP relay.

Mailjet is globally focused and is available in more than 4 different languages with follow-the-sun support. Its data privacy is compliant in both the US and Europe. Besides, Mailjet has offices worldwide including London, Paris, New York, and Berlin. From 32,000 users in 2011 Mailjet currently has over 100k+ clients and partners across 150 countries.

Generate More Sales

Email campaigns and newsletters are a great way to increase your sales. According to Marketing Direct, whether you do it through acquiring new clients, re-contacting prospects or increasing customer loyalty, the ROI on target emails can surpass 4000%. Thousands of brands globally such as Galeries Lafayette, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and many more trust Mailjet. This is because Mailjet offers exceptional delivery rates and detailed analytics, to enable users to get the most from the email campaigns.

Advantages of Email Marketing with Mailjet

High Impact Email Campaigns

You can divide your email-marketing lists into B2B, B2C, loyal clients, or prospects and target your campaigns more directly. This has the potential to guarantee you better open and click rates. Once you analyze the results, you’ll be in a position to increase the impact of your campaigns.

An Increase in Quality Traffic

Email is one of the best e-Commerce marketing tool for generating traffic to websites. It also has the added advantage of being shareable. According to Marketing Attitude (2014), forty-four percent of internet users have previously shared an offer they’ve received by email. Twenty-eight percent of internet users say they made a purchase after receiving an email.

More Sales Instantly

According to a recent study by Econsultancy, businesses that personalize their email campaigns witness, on average, a 20% increase in sales after sending.

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