Google WiFi system 3pack

Google WiFi System 3-Pack – Router Review

Google WiFi system router also known as a “mesh router system” is a pioneer of new generation routers. Rather than blast out the fastest wireless signal possible from a single location, Google WiFi covers an area with consistent high-quality WiFi by broadcasting it from multiple locations.

Router problems seem to occur more often than necessary, but it’s not always the router’s fault. Sometimes the small and weak wireless receivers in our devices fail to detect the signal.

Google WiFi System Router’s Performance Tips

  1. In comparison to Netgear’s Orbi tri-band system which communicates over a second 5GHz WiFi band, Google WiFi mesh system operates over existing Wi-Fi bands (2.4 GHz and 5GHz) over the 802.11s mesh protocol. When connecting to WiFi for the first time, it may connect you to the 2.4GHz band at first, then the 5GHz band within 24 hours if the signal is good.
  2. Google Wi-Fi gets the best out of a 100Mbps Wi-Fi service and can do the same for every room of a medium-sized home. A single Google WiFi covers a radius of 1,500 feet.
  3. Traffic prioritisation feature allows your gaming session to draw more bandwidth than other devices in your home that are streaming HD videos or Facebooking. Besides, the network automatically repairs itself in case a WiFi point is accidentally unplugged or lose power.
  4. The Google WiFi router has only two Ethernet ports, with one connecting to the modem. For extra wired ports, buy an Ethernet switch and connect the router to the switch. Unlike other routers, there’s no web-based interface and the new Wi-Fi system can only be set up and controlled via the new Google WiFi mobile application.

Google WiFi System Router’s Advantages

  • In comparison to other sites, the Google WiFi doesn’t collect user activity data. According to Google, it collects by default hardware, app, and network related information. But you can turn this off in the Privacy section settings.
  • The Google WiFi has a price advantage over other brands. You can receive equal amounts of coverage in square footage from competing systems with fewer units. The system includes three units for less than some competitors who charge two or fewer for the same.
  • Despite its lack of finer control, Google WiFi is easy to set up and manage on a daily basis.
  • Google WiFi offers a discreet solution that is much easier to hide in plain sight. Thus it’s easier to blend into a home or office environment. You can buy it as a single unit, double or a pack of three. According to Google, the three pack can cover up to 4,500 square feet.

Google WiFi System Router’s Disadvantages

  • A constant connection to Google is required making this a deal breaker for many. Home mesh Wi-Fi systems such as Netgear Orbi don’t need a connection to the vendor to work
  • Google WiFi can only use AC 1200 throughput technology, unlike Netgear Orbi and Linksys Velop which are capable of AC3000 or even AC2200. This can discourage users from paying a premium for super-fast internet speeds

Google WiFi wasn’t created to be the fastest mesh system nor the fastest router in the market. Its main aim is to be discreet yet stylish and provide WiFi coverage for the whole house at speeds fast enough for the user and at an affordable price. Google WiFi can transform offices and homes with WiFi black spots at an affordable price while being expandable with more points at any time.

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