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Google Suite Coupons, Vouchers and Cashback

Google apps have a reputation for ease of use and a low learning curve. If you use Google apps for work, you’re now using G Suite.

The rebranding to G Suite saw Google provide better integration and collaboration of functions under a single umbrella.

This platform consists of apps such as Gmail, Calendar, Slides, Sheets, Drive, Hangouts, Docs and more. Along with the rebranding came new cutting-edge features such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

G Suite Apps

  • G Suite has the following broad categories of apps:
  • Communicate – This includes Inbox, Gmail, Google+, Hangouts, Calendar and Groups
  • Collaborate – This includes Slides, Docs, Sheets, Sites and Forms

Store – Drive

On September 2016, Google announced the release of G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. The G Suite basic plan offers 30GB storage. This is twice the space available with the free plan. The business plans offers unlimited storage and is ideal for five or more employees. It also provides a better admin control panel and the Vault for archiving emails.


Google has greatly improved its Apps Suite. Initially, Google’s main products were Gmail, Chat, Docs, Calendar, Groups, and Sites. Google Plus was introduced to serve as a visual internal and external community tool for sharing ideas and collaborate on projects. Hangouts – a Google video conferencing tool – was introduced on Google Plus. Hangouts replaced Google chat as it enables seamless device messaging and video conferencing from any device or browser. In addition, Google Apps provides users with a personalized video conference link embedded into the calendar events.


Users can Explore in Docs, Sheets, and Slides to gain insights, design tools, and research recommendations. This allows you create work at a faster rate. You simply type the words on Explore to get answers to your data. You can make queries based on folder or file names. This is faster and simpler than crafting formulas. Explore in Sheets is available on the web, Android, and iOS.

Google Store

For starters, the biggest growth is that of Google Docs evolving into Google Drive. Drive offers web-based storage and real-time editing as you create spreadsheets, forms, files, drawings, and presentations. The availability of third-party add-ons enables creating and editing files in various formats. For example, image manipulation, flowcharts and mind maps. This comes in handy when there’s a specific feature or function missing in Google Drive.

QuickOffice is another Google investment that allows users store any file type, view and edit Microsoft Office files without the need for extra software. You can do this through the web and it doesn’t need installs, updates, or patches. This technology allows Google Drive to view over forty file formats on the web without using Microsoft. Microsoft users can store all files in Drive by using The Drive plug-in for Microsoft.

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