Vaillant ECOTEC whit VC/VCW – solid divider warming unit

ECOTEC Vaillant without distributor mounted on the VC gas warmer gathering is capable, down to earth and simple to expose more round. Because of its demonstrable skill, Vaillant ECOTEC without VC can dependably supply both single-family and two-family houses with private warmth.

The Vaillant ecotec without VC is a heavenly genuine space occasion: just 0.32 square meters of space divider is required for the organization.

Gas to combine the unit can be rapidly and easily exhibited in any corner since all parts are front. Another warming or room cell is required. Considering even the Association of advancement, to get together can be finished rapidly and without clear gadget affiliations.

In the Vaillant focuses ECOTEC without VC: The radiator can likewise be furnished with extra sections, for example, warm pump, close to the planetary framework or a cogeneration framework.

Detective Vaillant ecotect plus 831 without VC – the best class to combine advancement

Detective eco Vaillant without the VC is furnished with the most recent advancements in the united. In spite of the warmth evaluation of the practicality of gas smoke (idle) in the imperativeness of the water vapor is utilized, we ordinarily escape through the fire. Smoke from gas debacles and in this way to the practicality of utilizing these lines is basically decreased.

As opposed to routine warming machines, up to 15 percent of the warming expense can be maintained a strategic distance from. Be that as it may, particularly in quiet, the primary increment in hot stainless steel warm exchanger permits a mind blowing duty to the suitability of speculation assets:

Not exclusively are perfect warmth exchangers diminishing gas usage. The separation through the circle just twists are additionally given such that the instrument is totally lessened.

As they will be electronically controlled needs high effectiveness pump needs to see less. Appearing differently in relation to the association of two standard pumps, vitality utilization is lessened by up to 50 percent.

Sleuth eco Vaillant without VC: High working solace

Sleuth eco Vaillant without control VC is undeniable in uniform tallies, thought of ​​natural Vaillant administration. Clients can completely observe TEC eco as Vaillant without running VC. The contraption is along these lines entered by the authorizations of Companions.

Gas exhaust

Detective eco Vaillant without VC creation is conceivable with or without a stack. In the slim chance that the organization is completed without a smokestack, concentric air is utilized/debilitating the framework. Furthermore, endorsed and affirmed Jewelry edge to permit practically anybody to control the length of the hose. Sort out your warming changes obtusely.

Save money through factory sales

Large selection, low prices Shopping in the Region : A good tip for bargain hunters are companies that sell their products at the factory.

Whether food or confectionery, porcelain, animal feed, textiles, fabrics or technical devices – the factory sale offers customers many advantages.Consumers appreciate first and foremost that they can buy at a low price.The product is usually new or second choice. Here, buyers can choose from the entire product range, which is not always found with individual dealers.

In addition to current products, customers also find end-of-sale products, which are particularly favorable. Not every blemish diminishes the utility value or is recognizable at first sight. On-site shopping offers a further advantage. In contrast to the anonymous mail-order business, customers are the focus of the local manufacturers.

Conclusion: In the factory sales get consumers the best products for their needs. Nobody knows the products and their characteristics finally better than the manufacturer itself.

Save money while heating

If you respect simple rules, you will reduce your costs.

Especially when it is ice cold outside, many Riesers make a mistake in heating. The Money Saving Assistant tells you how to save money with correct behaviour.

A Cold Room

For example, it is a mistake not to heat rarely used rooms in winter at all. “12 degrees Celsius should be the lower limit,” recommends Money Saving Assistant. To heat a cold room from time to time would consume more energy than keeping it constantly at an average temperature.Not every room needs to be equally heated. “In kitchen and bathroom it should be about 22 degrees. If there are small children in the household, a little bit warmer, “says the expert. In sleepy dreams most people like it anyway cooler according to Leberle experiences. From what temperature one feels comfortable, depends also on how tight windows and doors are.Therefore, in old buildings it is often heated to 25 or 26 degrees to create a real feeling of warmth. If you can dispense with a degree here – for example by removing leaks – the energy costs noticeably.

Whoever is diligent saves all the more:

“If you go out of the house or go to bed, the thermostats should be turned down,” says the energy consultant. Because only the people at least really do this, digital radiator controllers can help. They can be programmed in such a way that during the day when no one is at home, only a little is heated.And even at night, when all sleep, is saved. When coming home or getting up, the living rooms are then warm again. Fully automatic. This pays off in the long run.

Heating Circuit

If the impression that a radiator suddenly needs longer to warm up than before, it may need to be vented. If the temperature is suddenly lower than before, this is also a sign of too much air in the heating circuit – just like a loud clucking of the radiators.

Tiled Stove

Anyone who has a tiled stove at home often heats up only one room very much and then opens the doors to distribute the heat to the unheated rooms.However, this is not really energy-saving and effective, says Josef Leberle.

45 Degrees

Also for all people who heat their hot water over the heating, the Money Saving Assistant has a tip: the boiler temperature of the water is often to 60 or even 70 degrees Celsius. 45 degrees would be sufficient for the daily use.


At minus degrees it is not pleasant to ventilate extensively. Nevertheless, this is compulsory in winter. Especially in the morning this is important in sleepiness, the expert says. Three minutes with the windows fully open, there was a lot of room for tipping a window, but it was wrong.

The world’s first zeolite gas heat pump

For a long time Vaillant had been working on the development of a gas-fueled heater on the basis of zeolite water. At the ISH 2009, the device was presented for the first time.

Recently, the launch of the world’s first zeolite gas heat pump was announced.

Solar thermal energy

The new technology consistently combines the advantages of gas condensing technology with solar thermal energy and a heat pump based on sorption technology in a coordinated system. Compared to current gas condensing boilers, efficiency has increased by about 20 percent, thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions by 20 percent. Since November 2009, 100 zeoTHERM devices are already working in the field test. “Even under the special conditions of the long and hard winter of 2009/2010, all installed zeolite gas heat pumps have proved themselves in every respect,” says Andreas Christmann, Head of Product Marketing at Vaillant Deutschland, a summary of the field test experiences.


The zeolite gas heat pump generates heat from natural gas and environmental heat. To further increase efficiency, the device is equipped with a zeolite module. Zeolite is a porous ceramic material consisting of aluminum oxide and silicon oxide. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and ecologically harmless.When water is absorbed, the zeolite develops heat which is used during the heating process.The refrigerant used in the heat pump process is water which has neither greenhouse potential nor can damage the ozone layer.

Heating technology

“The zeolite gas heat pump is a consistent development of the gas condensing technology in combination with a known and a new heat source”, Christmann continued. “Only system providers in heating technology have the opportunity to set these milestones in the forefront because they require a comprehensive know-how from many technical disciplines. The special highlight for our specialist dealers is the fact that they are able to use the zeolite- Heat pump as a conventional gas condensing boiler with solar drinking water support. ”

The unit consists of a closed unit

Which contains both the gas-fired condensing cell as well as the zeolite module and the entire hydraulic system. The zeolite module itself is completely maintenance-free due to the construction as a vacuum module without moving parts during its entire service life. The system also includes three solar flat collectors, which not only provide the necessary environmental heat for the sorption process, but also provide solar water heating. Here, too, only a connection with the heating device, which is already part of the everyday business for the specialist trade, is now taking place.

The zeolite-gas heat pump

Is particularly suitable for the requirements in single-family houses.In the first series, heating capacities of around 10 kW are achieved in modulating operation. A solid system combination of zeoTherm zeo-gas heat pump zeoTHERM, three solar collectors auroTHERM and a 300-liter solar hot water storage tank auroSTOR, including the complete hydropulical accessories, are then offered. The zeolite gas heat pump is approved according to the provisional gas heat pump guideline VP120.

Vaillant promotes heating as a savings bank

Many investors in Germany are disappointed with meager interest rates. The heating engineer Vaillant is now looking for an alternative:

An investment in its own heating system. The return thanks to saved energy costs: four percent.

Dusseldorf banks for centuries are indeed simply as the best place for reserves and savings. The institutes are usually safe and they also work with the money, which is credited to the customer in the form of interest. Before thieves and burglars, the large and small fortunes are still well protected. Only with the interest has it hapert for quite some time. Thanks to the open money locks of the European Central Bank, money is cheaper than ever, more than one per cent for the short-term investment on scarves or term deposits is nowhere to be found.

Energy efficient

The heating builder Vaillant from the Bergland will now use the emergency situation of millions of high-ranking banking customers to boost their business. “Put your money in the cellar,” the family business calls on potential customers – and does not mean a secret deposit for banknotes, hidden somewhere in a dark corner behind junk and supplies. No, it is about the exchange of an old heating, of which there are still plenty in Germany: About 75 percent of all systems are older than 20 years and chase ample unused energy through the chimney.

Profitable Investment

Vaillant CEO Carsten Voigtländer makes a simple calculation: With modern heating, house owners can reduce their energy costs by 15 percent or more. With average heating costs of a family home of about 1,900 euros can be saved thus scarcely 300 euros per year.With an investment of around 8,000 euros for an energy-saving gas condensing boiler, the annual yield is around 4%, which is about four times as much as a sparrow would yield. If the energy costs rise, the return on the homeowner for boiler installation increases. “Particularly in times of historically low interest rates, investing in an efficient heating system is a profitable investment,” says Voigländer.

Customers money-making investment

Now the boss of a heating engineer is not hired to sell customers money-making investments. But the address on the money bag is also worthwhile for Vaillant ecotec plus. After all, business in Germany and Europe is anything but splendid and a fresh thrust of new orders – for whatever motives – can not hurt. Especially since there is also the top line: a good conscience. The lower the energy consumption, the lower the CO2 load.”40 percent of primary energy in Europe is consumed in buildings,” says Voigtländer. New heating systems could significantly reduce the share.